Spring and the birth of new trees… happy sigh.

Though books don’t grow on trees, they are made of trees… well the hard copy is, at any rate.

If you love to browse through through bookstores – especially to be re-inspired in your craft – surf over to MWP.com and peruse the books now available in the:

MWP Spring 2014 Catalogue


My book (Film Production Management 101) is on page 33 along with other excellent production books.

Which one(s) catch your fancy? Something for your craft now… and something for what you plan to do in the future? Spring is a time of new beginnings. Perhaps it’s time you explored that untrodden path.

Cheers & happy browsing and exploring to you,

tlpfn“Is this an instrument of communication or torture?”

- Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Gratham (Downtown Abbey, Season II, Episode 5, 2011)

How true that when new technology is upon us there is an element of pain as we adopt it, learning its ways and learning how to work it into our lives!

The Dowager Countess is, of course, talking about the telephone here, but I’m sure you can insert any new technology today and feel the same way. We must hang on to the benefits of the new device and find our way through the change cycle… for it’s change that’s the constant, isn’t it?

Cheers and a good shoot to you,

Film Awards Calendar

gcupWith the Oscars upon us, we appear to be in the heart of award season. How about a step back to an annual look at film awards?


Late January

Early February


Late February

Early March

Late April

Early May


Late May

June & July – off!

Late August

September - off!

Early October

Late October


Late November

Early December

Ok, ok. So Cannes is actually a festival instead of an awards ceremony, but you have to admit, the awards at Cannes require special inclusion.

Cheers & a happy awards season… all year long!


“Fail to plan, plan to fail”

My television professor’s words still echo today, long after my university degree is completed, and anyone who has charged ahead with production, not having enough prep time knows this phrase to be oh so true… but… you also can’t get stuck in planning and never “do” or you still “fail.” So how about this small modification:

“Fail to plan, plan to fail… then do!”

Cheers and a good, well-planned shoot to you,

ffldrIt’s open concept in the production office, yet many confidential materials cross your desk. Typically people don’t mean to look at those papers on your desk, but standing nearby, it’s hard not to. On your computer it’s easy to hide or minimize confidential material, but paper documents face up on the desk? Oooo, there’s an irresistible quality about them! Plus… no matter how we move to electronic documents and processes, we still manage paper documents too. So, what do you do?

Use file folders on the desk!

On the desk? Not in the filing cabinet? That’s right. These file folders never go into a filing cabinet. Their purpose is to mask confidential papers on your desk and still leave the documents accessible to you. Of course you can organize them further in a on-the-desk organizer, or you can just lay them across the desk as-is… it’s up to you and your style.

The side benefit, too, is that these folders help to group ever-growing piles of papers into manageable subjects: cast contracts, budget, script revisions, screen credits, production schedule, etc. Just keep the groupings large so you are not buried under stacks of file folders instead of being buried under reams of paper.

You can even choose a few colours for the file folders for even faster recognition to help you quickly find “just the right document”… although if you have any superstition in you, I recommend against using a red folder for the budget or cost report. :)

Cheers & a confidential shoot to you,

…for more tips, tricks and a slew of in depth knowledge organizing (and managing) a film production, check out my book, Film Production Management 101.

prjtr“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

- Professor Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II, 2011)

Awesome! A fictional character challenges us about what is real!

How indeed we can be drawn into movies so that the characters “live” beyond the screen for us. We take them home in our minds. On screen they have journeyed through life’s problems and shown us the consequences of the decisions and actions (or inactions) and we may learn from their experiences for good or bad.

Logically we know these characters don’t exist in “real life”… they live only in our heads. But Dumbledore is also right. Just because something happens only in our heads doesn’t make it “not real.” We have many myths, traditions and memories that we carry with us only in our heads and they, too, are very real to us, affecting how we live, love and think. So why not carry around our screen characters long after the credits have rolled? They are real to us to… in our minds. It’s OK.

So… who’s “screen real” for you?

Cheers and a good shoot to you and yours,

prezyChristmas decorations are filling stores and websites. Catalogues of all types are arriving for perusing both typical and unusual gift ideas. How fun to see what’s been invented or written this year! The season of giving approaches.

When it comes to the gifts we give, we want them to be both thoughtful and meaningful. Though we give for the season, we want the gift’s spirit to last long beyond the days of the winter holidays. Know the saying about “give a man a fish vs. teach him how to fish”? How about a book that helps to teach a new career or new skills? Now there’s a gift that can affect a lifetime!

In that spirit, peruse on over to the MWP online bookshop/catalogue of film industry books at: http://www.mwp.com. What skills and inspiration might you be looking to share this season?

PM101-2nd-EdMy own book (at: http://shop.mwp.com/products/film-production-management-101) covers the entire production process from the POV of the Coordinator and Manager – the folk who know everyone at the wrap party because they’ve been involved in everything along the way.

On MWP, you’ll also find some new, enhanced eBooks, and discover that MWP now takes Paypal to make purchases online-easy for you.

For added interaction and news, drop by the MWP Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/mwpfilmbooks) to keep up on events and specials.

Happy holiday shopping and a good shoot to you,


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