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“I have a cunning plan”
– Baldrick (Blackadder – pretty much every episode, 1982-89 & 1999)

And is it really ever very cunning? At any rate, Baldrick never stops coming up with ideas, no matter how often they’re thrown out, no matter how bad they really are. And he’s superbly optmistic about the outcome each time. He has such confidence it’s the right plan. Would that we could all be so optimistic in times of hardship. At least we take his lead and never stop coming up with ideas in our own lives.

So here’s to your next cunning plan!

Cheers & good shoot to you,


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Waking up in shoot week 3

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Yup, I’ve got my ducks in a row today. Here’s a glimpse at the new cover for the 2nd Edition of “Film Production Management 101″… coming to bookstores this summer! Just had to share it with you.

Whatta ya think?

All the best & a great production to you,

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“I wrote it down so I wouldn’t have to remember it”
– Professor Henry Jones (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989)

Oh yes! I can totally relate! Can you?

Of course, it’s important when you write things down that you have some kind of system you follow because… you have to find that information again someday! I’m still a fan of the handheld notebook that you carry around… not unlike Professor Jones’ notebook. No need for electricity or Internet connection, and it’s perfect portable. Leave the first page or inside cover blank so that you can add an index of the contents. Dates and then on the pages to help with sufficient order. You can even start a new page every day if you like… don’t you love that “new slate” kind of look at things?

Cheers & a good shoot to you,

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