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Film Production Management 101” has a checklist for a wrap party so you can remember all the elements necessary to plan an excellent, memorable wrap party. I’ve always thought planning a wrap party was much like planning a wedding reception, but done much faster. Let’s have a look:

Invitation list & invitations Invitation list & invitations
Party Room Church & Reception Venue
Decor (of Room) Decor (of Room, Church & Bridal Party)
Music Music
Other Entertainment (Wrap Reel, etc.) Wedding Photographer
Catering and Bar Catering and Bar
License (for Bar) Marriage License
Notifications (Police, Fire, Health…) Newspaper Notifications (if desired)


Soooo… it looks as though if you’re thinking of getting married, your experience planning wrap parties – or at least my Wrap Party Checklist – will do you well! I know I’ll be using it. 😉

To download the forms that accompany “Film Production Management 101” – including the Wrap Party Checklist – swing by the MWP Books site at: http://www.mwp.com/virtual-film-school/resources

Cheers & happy wedding… uh, wrap party… planning to you,

“Film Production Management 101:

Management & Coordination in a Digital Age”

UPCOMING EVENTS (more details at www.debpatz.com):
* Getting Your Ducks In A Row – Free Book Virtual Event – in August at FB/DebPatzBooks
* Booksigning/Canadian Launch at Indigo Marine Drive, N.Vancouver – Sat.Sep.11
* WIFV Networking Breakfast with Deb Patz in Vancouver – Tue.Sep.21

* Booksigning/USA Launch at the Writers Store in Burbank – Sat.Oct.23


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What a great bookstore for industry books! One of my all-time favs.

I was in Toronto recently and dropped by Theatrebooks to show them the new edition of my book before it arrives in bookstores next month. They hosted a booksigning for the last edition of my book… way back in 2002!

What a warm homecoming-like welcome I received on this visit! Even from Breeze (here guarding  the door).

For this edition, the first booksigning will be here in Vancouver, so I’ll have to be in Theatrebooks in my heart this time! For those of you in the Vancouver area, I hope to see you in person! Details coming soon… (oh boy!)


“Film Production Management 101:
Management & Coordination in a Digital Age”

UPCOMING EVENTS (more details to come):
* WIFV Networking Breakfast with Deb Patz in Vancouver in September
* Booksigning at the Writer’s Store in Los Angeles in October

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“Alright, we’re just going to wing it.”
– Roy O’Bannon (Shanghai Noon, 2000)

Do you ever feel like this when it comes to using new technologies and social medias? I know I do.

The cool thing about “winging it,” though, is that although there is no full plan in place, reviewed and rehearsed, you act anyway. You don’t sit idly by. The other cool thing about “winging it” is that it conjures up images of flying… and you have to do something in order to soar. Oh yes!

So, in honour of winging it, I’ve recently created and posted my first YouTube video (ok, ok, call me a late starter) talking to you about the new edition of my book “Film Production Management 101” from a director’s chair “on set”. Wing it! Have a look…

Cheers & a good shoot to you!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

“Film Production Management 101:
Management & Coordination in a Digital Age”

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Not all memorable movie moments are dialogue-based, and some are outright unexpected.

During the chase scene in the holy city, one of the henchmen was busy keeping track of the fast moving hero (who was leaping from building to building), when the henchman pretty much knocked himself out running into a low doorway.

I love this movie moment. If you have experienced such a moment – a hit or near miss on a low doorway – while exploring ancient cities and ruins then you’ll laugh along with me. It’s the laughter of “That’s so true; I’ve been there!” This lovely bit of detail amid wall-to-wall action connects fiction to reality… our reality. It further extends our suspension of disbelief and instantly brings us into the movie itself.

Just goes to show… you can have memorable movie moments at unexpected places. And we love it.

What unexpected memorable movie moment comes to mind for you?


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 1. Not Everything is Black & White

Sure the ball is black & white, but the perspectives of people watching the game differ dramatically. We can share the same moment, same images and still come out with different opinions about what happened on the field. As filmmakers, we can craft a movie experience, and might be able to influence (but cannot control) how the message will be received and interpreted.

2. It’s a Worldwide Experience

Street parties erupt around the world! They are amazing! So many cities around the globe as good as close down during the final few games so the citizens can stop to follow every minute. As soon as the game is over, hoards of fans of all ages descend on the formerly empty streets to share in the exhilaration of a game won. I’m not just talking the host city, either. It’s quite a phenomenon, and I’ve been fortunate to experience it in person a number in a couple of countries now – seeing ghost like streets turn into a network of celebrations – the grandest of all street parties. What an amazing gift that the World Cup can affect with us the world over. Filmmakers have this unique opportunity too to become a worldwide experience, to affect people we don’t even know. The audience may not have street parties for a film, but they certainly line up to see some of them. Wouldn’t you like to affect people on this scale?

3. It Matters

The World Cup isn’t health care, education, food or shelter. No, it’s not what we’d typically consider the essentials of life, and yet is it? When you see the emotional reaction of the fans around the globe you have to recognize how much it really matters. Pride of country. Pride of heritage. Celebration of sporting excellence. It’s great for morale, and with great morale do you think there is anything we can’t do? In this way, the World Cup is also like filmmaking – another forum where people connect to the “product” on an emotional level. We need these emotional connections in life. And so the work we do is therefore essential. It really matters.

Cheers & a happy World Cup to you!

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Wow, this is cool. When budgeting for film equipment, sure you can sift through a rate sheet and – with your trusty calculator – figure out an estimate of your camera, grip and lighting package… or you use Whites Interactive online budget planner:


Click, choose and change your selections. Pick or skip insurance options. Be prompted to remember to budget for the expendables. Then get an instant online estimate! Great for instant feedback during for after-hours budgeting sessions…


Cheers & happy budgeting to you!

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