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Scarecrow wonders if the Wizard of Oz will give him a brain; should he go on the journey to Oz?

Dorothy: “I couldn’t say, but even if he didn’t, then you’d be no worse off then you are now.” (The Wizard of Oz, 1939)

Dorothy totally inspires us into action, but in a realistic way. Making a change in your life doesn’t guarantee you a better situation, but not making a change keeps the doors of possibility closed. Inaction is status quo; action is potential.

Sure, with action comes risk. But with action also comes the possibility of change and growth. Five years from now, yes, we’ll all be 5 years older. But where else could we be if we apply for that job? Or take that course? Or reach out to meet that person we want to meet? Hmmm… the possibilities are endless if we dare to journey down that yellow brick road.

Thanks, Dorothy.

Cheers & exciting opportunities to you,


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Titanic Set Sale

The odd things you can pick up from a set sale!

Sure, there are a lot of clothes – some with fake blood stains – and furniture, lamps, dishes, silk plants and all the ordinary sort of fare… but what about all those seemingly film-set-unique items?

At a set sale, perhaps the oddest purchase I’ve known of was a scaled-down but still significantly-sized bow of the Titanic (to decorate a corner of a living room). How many homes can you visit where you can stand “aboard” the Titanic while having a cuppa tea? What an odd industry this is!

What’s the oddest treasure you found at a set sale (or at someone’s house afterwards)?

Cheers & happy hunting,

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