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We say “the biz” or “the business” when we mean to say “the film industry” or “show business”. Funny how we shorten it to refer only the “business” portion instead of the “film” or “show” portion when we are so proud that it’s a creative industry! Just goes to show you how important business activities are in this creative industry.

Look at the credits and you’ll see Producers, Executive Producers, Line Producers, Production Managers, Production Supervisors, Associate Producers, Production Coordinators, and more. All business folk covering different business aspects of the production. My book Film Production Management 101 was written to cover the business logistics side of the industry primarily for the PM and PC.

Because it’s hard to emulate real-life business situations in a school setting, I’ve just written a course outline based on my book including recommended activities and assignments to dynamically learn how to manage the logistics of production. I mean, how do you simulate the issues that arise when cost reporting a real production with real money being spent while in a school setting with equipment and labour already donated? Having designed and taught numerous seminars, courses and workshops over the years, I’m sure this course outline will help those in “the biz” of film education design and teach essential business skills for the next generation of filmmakers.

If you’re in the business of teaching film skills, download the course outline for free at MWP Books:

Film Production Management 101 – Course Outline

Cheers & a good shoot (or cost report!) to you,


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I have a production jacket from a sci-fi I worked on that declares: “The Future Is“… but the jacket never identified what the future was! Although I guess it means that the future is here and now.

Well, in Chicago on August 8, I’m on a panel for the conference “The Future of Story – Chicago” and will naturally be talking about the business of filmmaking. It’s going to be an information-packed set of panels for real concentrated learning on screenwriting, the business and pitching, plus some crazy discounts on MWP Books too. Last year it was in LA, so if you’re in the Chicago area, this year it’s your opportunity to attend locally! I very much hope to see you there.

For more info see the conference’s FB page or Event page:



And for even more info, and to reserve a seat go to:


See you in Chicago! In the meantime…

Cheers & a good shoot to you,

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1. …don’t cross the knives at craft service (but it’s ok to cross swords on the set)

2. …no cast or crew hugging or kissing in doorways

3. …and it’s a night shoot, don’t let cast or crew fall asleep with the moontlight shines on their face

4. …and your shooting on a boat, no opening of cans upsidedown

5. …and you have animals on the set, keep the black cat away today

6. …stay away from sets with mirrors so you don’t break any

7. …beware of spilled salt during lunch

8. …beware of spilling tea in saucers

9. …and it’s close to wrap, don’t gift any shoes to cast or crew today

10. …beware of cast or crew crossing on the set stairs

11. …no walking under the ladders of set construction

12. …have wardrobe make sure tissues in pockets are clean

13. …and you’re travelling the unit today, don’t call it the start of a trip

Any other hints to get through the day?

Cheers & a lucky shoot to you,

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