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Books for Christmas…they’re great to give and to receive, don’t you think? Film books especially! Well, in that case… have you “liked” MWP books on Facebook yet? I just found out that this season my publisher is going to be having special holiday discounts and daily specials – but only for those who have already “liked” the page:


… and in the meantime, surf by the MWP online catelogue to preview ideas and start a wish list: http://www.mwp.com

All the best & a good shoot to you,


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The Home Office… Treat It Right!

I happened on this term (“home office”) in a French-English dictionary. It translated into: “Ministry of the Interior”! Wow. That’s heavy! Yet, I muse, shouldn’t all freelancers – who therefore have a “home office” – treat their office and themselves with the same professionalism and respect due a ministry office? You are a business after all! So…hat’s off to you and best wishes for the success of your business.

Cheers & a good shoot to you,

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