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400 Room Nights

htlSo I was calling around prospective hotels for sufficient room nights to house visiting cast and crew for the duration of the shoot.

There was a good estimate of the number of out of town cast and crew we’d need. Calculate who would be there for the whole shoot plus a bit of prep vs in town for a few days at a time. We ended up with a total of 400 room nights… that’s a pretty good booking and duration. I should be able to make a good deal.

But my first choice hotel turned me down with no negotiation.

Really? I was puzzled. What was the problem?

“We don’t have 400 rooms in the hotel,” was the response.

Ah. Right. I had to explain. It was going to take us longer than 1 night to make the movie…

Cheers and a good shoot to you,


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“I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”

– Blaise Pascal

How efficiently Pascal describes the usefulness of an editor!

… makes me think about that Budgeting/Writing Pencil again. Happy first day of summer to the winners of the spring contest to win one! Thank you all for participating! I decided to randomly select more than one winner after all (just because!), and will be in touch with you shortly to send you your pencil. It’s interesting to see where people access the blog. The winners are:


#1 = Dan (Canada)

#2 = Rona (USA)

#3 = Louise (Canada)

… plus honorable mention goes to Barbara, who so often comments!

Cheers and good editing to you,

P.S. The actual pencil is NOT the same size as in the picture. 🙂

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Is it a Sound Blanket or…?

What do you see?

(a) A sound blanket, of course!
(b) Uh, a moving blanket, yes?
(c) I got it. It’s both! A sound blanket AND a moving blanket!


If you answered (a), you’re definitely “of the industry” (a filmie). If you answered (b), that’s ok, you’re perspective is just different from filmies. If you answered (c), then you’re a filmie who – I’m sorry to say – has moved too often.

Cheers & all the best,

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cineqllIt’s time to come back from hiatus! Time to get back to blogging. Since starting my MFA in Creative Writing last year, work-life re-balancing with my full time job has been a challenge. It was time to pull back for a while, and it’s been good. But I’ve missed the blog and my connection with you, so it’s time to find a way to make the blog happen again.

Rather than return as it was (why more of the same, eh?), the F-I-L-M blog is undergoing a bit of an expansion. With so much inter-connectivity in life, I’m adding some I-N-K! What that means is basically, yes, more film/tv industry topics, but also now more writing topics… for both I-ndustry N’ K-ids… which includes kids-at-heart.

So, let’s get started with a little glance back at “The Best Of” before we venture into the territory of the future. Gives you the change to re-familiarize yourself with the blog’s flavour and to introduce other friends you think would enjoy it. So, from your feedback, here are some favourites:

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Cheers & all the best,

Deb Patz, author – “Film Production Management 101” and writing for children

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A Movie as an Opus?

Imagine if movies were named like some musical opus’s are named… how about:

Dramatic Narrative in f 2.8


Comedic Story in f 11


Cheers & a good shoot to you!

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As promised, here are the answers…

1 1843 a Fax machine
2 1876 b Telephone
3 1901 c Radio
4 1922 d 3D movies
5 1923 e Sound movies
6 1925 f Television
7 1947 g Mobile phone
8 1969 h Internet

How did you do? Surprised by any of them?

Cheers & a good shoot to you,

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New Technology Quiz

There have been many technology changes in our industry., but do you know what is the order of their invention?

Go ahead… match the invention with the date!

1 1843 a Television
2 1876 b Sound movies
3 1901 c 3D movies
4 1922 d Fax machine
5 1923 e Radio
6 1925 f Internet
7 1947 g Telephone
8 1969 h Mobile phone

Hint: Early (time of invention) models are not always at the same time as widespread adoption.

Give it a go! Answers coming with the next posting.

Cheers & a good shoot to you,

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