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prezyChristmas decorations are filling stores and websites. Catalogues of all types are arriving for perusing both typical and unusual gift ideas. How fun to see what’s been invented or written this year! The season of giving approaches.

When it comes to the gifts we give, we want them to be both thoughtful and meaningful. Though we give for the season, we want the gift’s spirit to last long beyond the days of the winter holidays. Know the saying about “give a man a fish vs. teach him how to fish”? How about a book that helps to teach a new career or new skills? Now there’s a gift that can affect a lifetime!

In that spirit, peruse on over to the MWP online bookshop/catalogue of film industry books at: http://www.mwp.com. What skills and inspiration might you be looking to share this season?

PM101-2nd-EdMy own book (at: http://shop.mwp.com/products/film-production-management-101) covers the entire production process from the POV of the Coordinator and Manager – the folk who know everyone at the wrap party because they’ve been involved in everything along the way.

On MWP, you’ll also find some new, enhanced eBooks, and discover that MWP now takes Paypal to make purchases online-easy for you.

For added interaction and news, drop by the MWP Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/mwpfilmbooks) to keep up on events and specials.

Happy holiday shopping and a good shoot to you,


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Books for Christmas…they’re great to give and to receive, don’t you think? Film books especially! Well, in that case… have you “liked” MWP books on Facebook yet? I just found out that this season my publisher is going to be having special holiday discounts and daily specials – but only for those who have already “liked” the page:


… and in the meantime, surf by the MWP online catelogue to preview ideas and start a wish list: http://www.mwp.com

All the best & a good shoot to you,

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We say “the biz” or “the business” when we mean to say “the film industry” or “show business”. Funny how we shorten it to refer only the “business” portion instead of the “film” or “show” portion when we are so proud that it’s a creative industry! Just goes to show you how important business activities are in this creative industry.

Look at the credits and you’ll see Producers, Executive Producers, Line Producers, Production Managers, Production Supervisors, Associate Producers, Production Coordinators, and more. All business folk covering different business aspects of the production. My book Film Production Management 101 was written to cover the business logistics side of the industry primarily for the PM and PC.

Because it’s hard to emulate real-life business situations in a school setting, I’ve just written a course outline based on my book including recommended activities and assignments to dynamically learn how to manage the logistics of production. I mean, how do you simulate the issues that arise when cost reporting a real production with real money being spent while in a school setting with equipment and labour already donated? Having designed and taught numerous seminars, courses and workshops over the years, I’m sure this course outline will help those in “the biz” of film education design and teach essential business skills for the next generation of filmmakers.

If you’re in the business of teaching film skills, download the course outline for free at MWP Books:

Film Production Management 101 – Course Outline

Cheers & a good shoot (or cost report!) to you,

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I have a production jacket from a sci-fi I worked on that declares: “The Future Is“… but the jacket never identified what the future was! Although I guess it means that the future is here and now.

Well, in Chicago on August 8, I’m on a panel for the conference “The Future of Story – Chicago” and will naturally be talking about the business of filmmaking. It’s going to be an information-packed set of panels for real concentrated learning on screenwriting, the business and pitching, plus some crazy discounts on MWP Books too. Last year it was in LA, so if you’re in the Chicago area, this year it’s your opportunity to attend locally! I very much hope to see you there.

For more info see the conference’s FB page or Event page:



And for even more info, and to reserve a seat go to:


See you in Chicago! In the meantime…

Cheers & a good shoot to you,

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Does the new year have you needing inspiration from multiple sources (to help you with direction in the industry)? My publisher charged about 50 MWP authors to come up with 10 reasons it’s a great time to be a filmmaker and assembled them into an eBook.

Rather than pages and pages of lists, the eBook is like a living room full of about 50 diverse authors who all take the idea “10 reasons…” and speak from their POV on the subject. Some of the many interpretations are bound to reach you at whatever stage you are in your career. Check it out on the MWP website (where I believe it’s free when you sign up for the MWP newsletter). You can also find it on Kindle. A nice, inspiring new year’s gift to yourself.

Rather than a list myself, here are 3 of my most favourite nuggets from the eBook… Why it’s a great time to be a filmmaker:

1. “To transform our characters, our audience and ourselves” (from Stuart Voytilla, author of Myth and the Movies)

2. “You are a storyteller” (from Rona Edwards, co-author of The Complete Filmmakers’s Guide to Film Festivals)

3. And from MWP’s own VP, Ken Lee: “…push yourself in your areas of weakness rather than relying on your strengths and what you know you can do. You’ll learn more about yourself when you challenge yourself.”

What speaks to you in the eBook?

Cheers & an inspiring new year to you,


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Oh to browse through bookstores… and industry books especially!

Well, the new MWP Books catalogue 2012 is out. You can peruse the PDF catalogue online to find out what’s new at: http://www.mwp.com/catalogs/MWP.com_Catalog_2012.pdf (2.2 MB). My book (being published last year) is now on page 37. Browse the pages and then let me know… what books peak your interest? What topics do you find lacking?

As a MWP author myself, it’s an honour to be part of such a professional team of industry workers & writers. I’ve read many MWP books over the years and have never been disappointed by a single book. So if your thinking of Christmas, thinking of your career, or thinking of just browsing… enjoy!

Plus you can join the many folk at MWP Books FB page (http://www.facebook.com/mwpfilmbooks) where the is much industry discussion, announcements, and I’ve seen free book giveaways now and then.

Might “see” you there!

Cheers & happy industry browsing to you,

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Gosh you gotta love free document templates!

First of all, I have to say that I’m in the process of writing an updated edition of my book “Film Production Management 101“, and therefore also updating the free downloadable forms (http://shop.mwp.com/pages/film-making-resources), making them available in a more interactive format. The new edition – and links – won’t be on the market until sometime in 2010, so I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I found this great site with template documents like call sheets, release forms, location agreement, DPR, and so on. So surf by and enjoy: http://www.vancouverfilmproduction.com/contracts.html

Remember, of course, that template contracts, releases and agreements do not replace the need for a lawyer, but they can help you to draft an excellent first draft for your lawyer’s final pass – thereby minimizing legal fees.


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